I have heard a few alarming things on our journey.  In our training, the chaplain informed us that the staff that works in the prison has no problems with groups or volunteers that come there except for the Christians.  What did they say – Christians?!  Were they talking about the “little Christ ones”, the people whose speech should be encouraging and   uplifting?  People from whom we should be able to hear His love in their voice?  The ones that read the Bible and the Lord teaches them to honor authority?  I know you are probably wondering what bubble I live in right now, but I truly was disturbed to hear that news.

     The first thing that comes to my mind is – What about the staff there that doesn’t know Jesus?  Where would they find Him?  Where should they look?  Is it possible to show the love of Christ to the inmates and not the person behind the desk or the one that walks you down the hall?  Is it possible to turn His love in your life off and on like a light switch?  Are all of these things possible or have we really not met Him at all?  If Christ truly rules and reigns in your life would He leave a bad impression of Himself to someone you come in contact with? As I ask all of those questions I look at my life and you are welcome to look at my life also if you don’t want to look at your own.

God Bless You!

Larry Duncan