Testimonies - JESUS STILL HEALS!

Over the years we have seen God bring His healing and deliverance to bodies, minds and emotions, confirming His Word - "He came to set the captives free. (Isaiah 61:1, Luke 4:18)  This ministry has been given a number of confirming words that this will be a place that cancer comes to die. 

Newly opened in 2004, God performed a creative miracle on our first healing room client.  A six-month old baby girl, who was lethargic and had a yellowish cast to her skin when she was first brought in, was in need of bile ducts for her liver.  God told our director, Larry Duncan that she would have her bile ducts after three prayer sessions.  Doctors at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis confirmed the miracle and removed her from the liver transplant list.

Women at our prison services have been receiving instantaneous healing for the last few years - healed backs, knees, eyes (blurred vision to clear) as well as deliverance from many kinds of mental torment.

One woman came into the Healing Room having fallen on the ice and was already resigned to walking with a cane as a way of life after several months of no improvement.  She left that evening with renewed faith and without her cane; the pain never returned.

One man drove several hours to the Healing Rooms because of excruciating sciatic nerve pain shooting down his leg.  During prayer, his pelvic bone was commanded to rotate into position and his pain was instantly gone.

One woman received instant relief from chronic neck pain while receiving prayer.  2/4/17

Shortly after prayer for a hand that was swollen and in pain from a fall, a woman fully regained her ability to move her fingers because the pain and swelling was leaving.  2/6/17

After receiving prayer for God to remove trauma caused from the death of a loved one, one woman testified that she felt quite different from when she came in and she would be able to sleep that night, having received healing in her heart.   2/6/17

A woman reported that a week and a half after receiving prayer her jaw pain that God healed her of had never returned and she was still filled with peace after prayer for a tormenting anxiety.  10/3/17

A woman was instantly healed of sciatic pain that had been shooting down her leg for a number of days.  She has reported several days later that she is pain free.  10/10/17