The Word clearly tells us to wait on the Lord but it doesn’t say how long the wait will take, or how we will know when we are getting close, or where we should wait.  If parents lost their child, would they stay in the same place where they first noticed him missing or would they begin to look for him?  What if the child made his way back to where his parents were and they were no longer there?  This situation could go on for a long time with a lot of sorrow and heartache.  I know the parents would pray for the Lord to restore to them what they had lost.  There would be much fear and confusion in everybody involved.  The first thing the Lord would have to do is calm the storm in everyone’s mind so when He would begin to direct them they would hear and respond to the directions He was giving.

I think that allowing Him to calm the storm in our minds is most difficult for us!  We ask, and if we don’t see instant results we wonder if He heard us or we think that maybe that’s not what He wants to do.  We wonder if we’ve done something to hinder the prayer from being answered.

Mark 11:24 says, “Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you will have it and you will!”  The key word here is believe.  Where do we get the kind of faith to know when you ask, you will have it?  The answer is in what I call “closet time” when we take the time to get into His presence.  Every day He will impart faith into our hearts – another benefit we’ll receive because we want to know Him.

I encourage you all to take time to get closer to Him, whether it be in your closet, your car, or wherever!  Take time and let Him lead you and you will begin to gain back all that you have lost and even more!  Jesus loves you and so do we!

God Bless You!
Larry Duncan