What’s Happening?

Weekly Services – Tuesdays, 6:30pm  Worship, receive healing prayer, rest in God’s love… let the Holy Spirit minister to your heart.

Monthly Events

Legislative Council – first Monday, 11am (closed event)

Gathering of Intercessors – second Saturday, 10am – 1pm  Come pray-in God’s kingdom purposes for this region and our nation.

Mama and Papa Warriors – odd months, third Monday, 6:30pm Pray for all needs of your children; even the adult ones!

Round Table Discussion – fourth Thursday, 1pm  Learn about a spiritual concept, ask questions and grow in your knowledge of God’s ways.

GLM Board Meeting – last Wednesday, 10:30pm


Legislative Council -5/1 11am

GLM Board Mtg. – 5/1, 10:30am

Gathering of Intercessors – 5/13 10am-1pm

Mama and  Papa Warriors – 5/15 6:30pm

VMTC prayer ministry sessions – 5/20

Round Table Discussion – 5/25 1pm  Anita Mason teaching on trauma, part 1.

Shofar and Worship Seminar – 5/27 10am-3:30pm  Dennis McKirahan will teach on how to take the gates of your city through worship.  No sign-up required.  Open to all worshipers!


JWF Board Mtg – 6/3  10:30am

Tuesday service with special speaker Pastor Yong Brierly – 6/6  6:30pm

Legislative Council – 6/5 11am

Gathering of Intercessors – 6/10 10:00am-1pm

GLM Board Mtg – 6/21 10:30am

Round Table Discussion – 6/22 1pm  Anita Mason teaching on trauma, part 2.